Friday, December 4, 2009


em-brace v. – 1. To Clasp or hold close with the arms. 2. To surround; enclose. 3. To include as a part of something broader. 4. To take up willingly or eagerly: embrace a cause.

n. – Travel from one place to another.

On this journey called life, we will find ourselves on many different roads as life takes us from one place to another of experiences. It is clear that we should learn to embrace the journey and allow ourselves to grow through every experience. Through the many road blocks, detours, warning signs, and speed bumps, we must appreciate and respect the journey; surrendering and being present in every experience - joy, sadness, victory, defeat, clarity, confusion, betrayal, loss, happiness, love and ALL of the many emotions that we will feel during our life’s journey. Embracing the Journey, allows us to live a life full of many adventures and countless life lessons. Being present in the moment is recognizing that wherever you are on your journey, your path is being directed to fulfill a greater purpose. For Wherever You Are -- GOD IS!


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  2. This is so powerful! Live in a peace where know matter seems wrong today we all must be thankful for the little things. Listen to loved ones because as they speak from their heart we can help them to have less stress in their life, if we only listen. Our time on earth is to respect one and another and to be the best we can be. What's simple to us may be untouchable to others. Help them to see a better future.

  3. @ Dennis, Thank you so much for sharing your powerful words of wisdom. We are all connected in the universe; we are our brothers & sisters keeper.